Host a Creative Corporate Off-site in Our Spacious Studio Space and Art Lounge. Available Wednesdays.

We are pleased to host creative team building workshops for businesses in the area on Wednesdays anytime from 8am to 8pm. Team building activities are a great way to help employees and leadership understand one another better, reduce stress, generate ideas and collaborate more effectively.
Our version of a corporate off site goes beyond the typical “sip and paint” model of creating art. Instead, we focus on the participants making pieces that immediately gratify their need to express and make art by using multi-media with paint in addition to teaching them to recognize their work and communication style as they make art.
Art making is an amazing gateway to understand a person’s communication style and work process. We recognize and leverage this aspect of producing creative pieces and strive to have the group observe their differences and the value of unique contribution.
The benefits an art off-site at the House of Colors:
  • Understand a person’s unique work process and communication style and how people get things done
  • Appreciate differences and build teams according to strength of the collective differences
  • Identify certain communication and learning styles by art personal diversities
  • Open creative thinking and support brainstorming and creative ideas exchange
  • Collaboration for combined vision
  • Stress reducing
  • Increase morale
Participants will follow step-by-step instructions from an experienced facilitator who guides the art making process in addition to coaching the participants to be aware of their working process and the process of their team members. You can choose from several multi-media combinations such as collage, assemblage and small sculpture or classic painting.
 The House of Colors Event Space has a kitchenette, large tables for serving food, plenty of seating and a separate studio space for people to express themselves in.


Work with us to customize our projects for your special off-site.


Call 617-365-5625 or fill out the form below if you are interested in our space.

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